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I'm not a romantic I leave 'em panting.

Hey you with the facepaint!
Gotta name to go wit that ass? Steve Forbush!
Age? 17
Where you throwin up clown love at? Belleville, Michigan baby!
Height/Weight? 280 pounds / around 5 foot 8 inches
Where do you work? Currently Unemployed
Can you rep. psychopathic there? Ofcourse lol
Any Peircings? Lip ring =D.
Tats? None yet. I plan on getting the Batman logo, a Hatchetman, and the Twiztid Batman logo.
Do you have a Ninja/Ninjette? Nope, I am a single fat kid baby!

Lemmie ask you a question or 10......
What happened to Blue Moon Mist? Faygo got stale and stopped selling it.
Do you like the new psychopathic? Why? Yes I do, because I don't look for negative in music, like a lot of people do. I look for positive and build from that!
Whos one person that you like that's underground? Explain. (It can be anybody) I'd have to say Disfunktional Phamily, because their music is different, entertained, and they are awesome to hang out with in person.
*In Order* Name your favorite Psy. Members 1-5
1.Dark Lotus
2.Insane Clown Posse
5.Anybody Killa
*In Order* Non Psy. Members 1-5
2.Grateful Dead
3.Stephen Lynch
4.Kill Switch Engage
5.Flogging Molly
Ever been to the Gathering? Yes!
What's your favorite story from there? Arguing with Jamie for the last 10 minutes a seminar about my Batman sign I was trying to give him.
Who'd win in a rap contest? Krayzie Bone or Twista? Krazie Bone
Who do you like best in Psy? Why? I like Dark Lotus, because the lyrics are more serious, and it seems that they take a little extra time on the Lotus cds then anything else, and some of the songs just seem to hit me right in the heart.
What do you think of the world? And the people on it? The world is ok, its filled with more evil then it should be, but then again everyone is. I feel the same about the people in the world.
Do you think the worlds coming to an end? Eventually it will.
If you could pick 4 people to save from death, who would it be? I would choose my mom, because shes awesome, my best friend Dan, because I don't know how I would make it through life with out that crazy kid. Ashley because she is also a big part of my life, without her advice I'd probably be sitting in an alley somewhere going crazy. And the last person I'd have to save would be Stacy because I need a cute lette to hangout with, cuddle with, and just have fun. =D.
What would you do if I walked up to you and said "I need a freak"? Want me to help look, unless you're not seeing the one in front of you. =D.
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