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Fat kids are hard to kidnap

I took a look at myself and came to grips with what I found

So Whatthefuck?
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Twiztid Rules

1) LJ-CUT your application, if you DON'T know how, look for it in LJ F.A.Q.
2) Subject Line: "I'm not a romantic I leave 'em panting."
3) DON'T talk shit or start drama with anyone.
4) DON'T apply unless your 15+ and you know WHAT C.O.C is/means.
5) DON'T apply if you've been down since the Wraith. NO new shit, I'm more of a old school Juggalo so keep this new shit to a minimum.
6) If you're REJECTED...remove yourself from this community and leave.
7) DON'T comment on or post an entry UNTIL you recieve a ACCEPTED banner, unless it's on YOUR application.
8) This community isn't for everyone.
9) NO 'L33K @ M3' "LyK oMfG cAn U bLeIve dIS?' computer lingo shit.
10) You must know what Psychopathic is besides ICP And TWIZTID.
11) NO FATKID HATERS, if you got problem with us fatkids. click the X on the right hand cornor BITCH.
12) This is a honest and blunt community. Expecially the MOD.
Be warned.

4 Those Of You Who Don't Know

By: adorable_lette
You're the reason I made this community. I know that some Ninjas dont give a fuck bout 'Family but I do. Family from the north pole all the way to fuckin the south pole. Eastside out to the Southwest. This community is for anyone. Newport Smokers, Bong Tokers or High Hopers. Fat kids, Skinny Kids, Scrubs and Hotties. ANYBODY as long as you're down and got FAT KID PRIDE.


Hey you with the facepaint!
Gotta name to go wit that ass?
Where you throwin up clown love at?
Where do you work? Can you rep. psychopathic there?
Any Peircings?
Do you have a Ninja/Ninjette?

Lemmie ask you a question or 10......
What happened to Blue Moon Mist?
Do you like the new psychopathic? Why?
What artist do you like thats underground? Explain. (It can be anybody)
*In Order* Name your favorite Psy. Members 1-5
*In Order* Name your favorite Non Psy. Group/Bands 1-5
Ever been to the Gathering? What's your favorite story from there?
Who'd win in a rap contest? Krayzie Bone or Twista?
Who do you like best in Psy? Why?
What do you think of the world? And the people on it?
Do you think the worlds coming to an end?
If you could pick 4 people to save from death, who would it be?
What would you do if I walked up to you and said "I need a freak"?

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